Match.com is an online site that should be shut down. The site is heavily restricted in that they make u pay for a premium subscription and don't give you what u want.

It is a cryptic website and difficult to distinguish paying customers from those who don't pay.

I have asked them repeatedly to set up a filter or a mto distinguish men who have paid for a subscription and can respond to me from those who can't.

I only want to have access to and only want to have access to me, men who can subscribe.

Instead, they don't a bunch of men who only have pics up but don't have the ability to respond back to you, in your match up profiles. They try to use you and your paid subscription to get them to buy a subscription, thus doing there advertising for them.

Otherwise they will try to get u to buy a free replys for then on top of your premium purchase, so that u can pay for be these men to respond to u. This is an update. If I have a premium purchased subscription, this should have come with it.

When I tried to update my profile and note that I would only respond to premium subscribers, the blocked my profile saying that it might offend someone so I had to change it.

It took them 3 months to finally allow thee algorithms to allow me to distinguish between paying male subscribers and non paying and instead of giving me access to the whole pool of subscribers,bthey limit me and then through all these non subscribers in the match box again.

I am very frustrated with this site and wish I had never purchased it. These people are frauds and I want other options.

I want no limitations on the number of paud subscribers I can contact. I only want access to men who can respond back to me and me them. I want a filter set up to distinguish paid subscribers from non paying subscribers, if i.m doing this for them they should pay me or give me 30 percent of my money back while me keeping my paid premium service.

They expect me to believe that all these paid subscribers are ignoring me please.

Some of these subscribers are contacting me on other sites, but not this one.

Why is that. They need to stop playing games and release the algorithm allowing all paid subscribers access to each other.

In addition the suck because they provide more email where they can be reached and no one wants s to hang on a customer service line

They don't respond the online complaints

User's recommendation: Don't buy this online subscription find another.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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