OK, I have major problems. My name is Ross Smith.

I HAD A Match account which asked me for my phone number. I gave that and the dialog box said it could not be verified and that I should call you guys. I did I was on hold for well over an hour twice. I was afterwords removed from your rolls because (I was told) that you couldnt reveal any information about an account including mine.

I wrote back asking to know whether I can re-join and whether I would get a refund. I received back several days later an email saying that they had two (you had two) move it up the ladder to a supervisory level.

Since I was no longer a member

I rejoined and was charged again.

That worked for a few hours until I was once again asked for my phone number which could not be verified and locked out. What do I need to do?

Please, please, please Dont make me have another hour plus long hold without a solution.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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