People who are real, and verified, are placed by match.com algorithm, to be put just out of connecting reach of your free messages. Meaning, that theyll just circulate all the fake users for you to talk to until your free daily messages are used up.

If you swipe left on the 100th person hoping to find a legitimate profile, and you use your last free message, then the 101st profile will be real, because you have no more free messages. All the free dating sites do this bs, and for some reason they continue to do it because nobodys held them accountable for it yet. Oh wait! Match Group owns match.com, meetme, POF, Tinder, OkCupid, and all the other dating sites that try to pose as being completely different and not associated from each other.

They try to keep real women as far away as possible from the real men, and they do this by spamming both sides of the sexes with the opposite sex scam fake profiles, so that you become jaded and never find what youre looking for. They do this to keep you on their site forever looking, because they want to brag about how many people user their site. Its a complete scam, just because they offer something and maybe 1% of people find it, then the other 99% of people who are being scammed BY profiles that THEY CREATE which are fake, then its not a legitimate company.

They need to be forced to put a trademark next to every single one of their titled dating sites so that everyone knows oh, its owned by Match Group because people think that a site is unique, but its being run by the same scam algorithm fake profiles meant to bombard you with pointless nonsense messages, and then they disappear, and a new one reappears the next day. Its never ending, and Match Group knows that theyre doing this.

User's recommendation: Start your own legitimate dating site.

Location: Wharton, Texas

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