I subscribed and paid and I logged in was OK I added my picture everything was OK I got email from

Match I have full access to my account for six months and then in the evening I couldn't log in at all, and then I called Match explained all, and they said someone will call you about 24-48 hours. So no one called me at all.

So I sent them emails, I explained.

I got email from Match no worries reset your password .

I did try to reset, didn't work at all. Next email was your account terminated ,refunded money.

So I sent more emails and asked them to explain what happened why my account terminated, and then no explanation at all.

I still don't know what happened with my account, it's weird.

So frustrated because I didn't do anything wrong, I paid I added picture and I just couldn't log in at all.

Horrible costumer service, they don't care.

User's recommendation: Not recommend.

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