Went on to Match "view singles" page but I had to give a name, email, a few words and a photo...I viewed some men in the area was disappointed and closed out. I never made a "profile" per say.

Well I had 2 emails in my Gmail account, one from Match asking me to join, and another that "Dana from Bangor liked me" on Match. Well how could this happen? I read the email from Match it said to delete your email to remove your account, I did so. But then I couldn't log in to Match because it asked for my email...which is no longer in their system.

But what about my photo and my name? So I called Match...46 minutes later and I was not impressed. Apparently it's spam? But Bangor is near me, so if Dana "liked" me...the info I entered to "view singles" was not hidden when I was looking-viewing.

All I got from Match was that their system is automated and when I deleted my email my profile was deleted too. But I didn't have a formal profile..very hard to get out of their system. I just hope no one sees my photo on there and recognizes me! Match says they can only look by email too.

My email is an old account that I can longer send from but apparently it does receive.

So I had to call them because I couldn't reply to their reponse. So frustrating

User's recommendation: Don't view Match unless you want to be viewed while you're on Match.

Location: Waterville, Maine

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