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Hi I received a message from you today stating that you are going to disconnect me from

Im in attorney-at-law and my little cousin is attorney-at-law and you need to return the money right away within 24 hours or we will see you we have enough complain about you with three other people here right now theyre pissed off of and as an attorney I can open up the case very easily against you and these are people that you charge triple times without their permission and all the other stupid things you guys do.

This is my demand letter to you as an attorney I have to present that you you.

you must return the money to my account within 24 hours in order to avoid penalties.

I prefer eHarmony because is full of losers uneducated *** *** golddiggers and ugly faces and ugly body and thats the honest to God truth.

Time start right now in 48 hours were going to sue you!!!

its me my little cousin and three people with serious complain issue its enough to take it to court.

We have all the information now I check out your reading.

Mr. Shahedi

User's recommendation: NEVER.

Location: San Jose, California

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