I joined match I thought for 6 months bu they trick you to join for 1 year and take the whole subscription all out at once which was 200 dollars, then I met a woman in the town closest to me so I didn't need match any longer so I cancelled expecting a refund...well guess again I saw nothing in my credit card billing so I email match giving them my cancellation code their auto response is they would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours.

10 days later still nothing so I called and talked to a rep, she explained that since I used the service for the one month I was NOT entitled to any refund so they where going to keep my full subscription 200 when I only used it for 1 month, this to me is ridiculous, so I asked to speak to a manager, I explained my predicament to him and he reluctantly agreed to return a portion on my subscription...basically what they want is for people to get hooked for a 1 year subscription keep their money and hopefully they become frustrated and give up so they can keep all the money and the customer not to use the service.

I recommend people DO NOT sign up for online dating.

Location: Puslinch, Ontario

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