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The auto renewal feature is a good feature and I have not problem with that. My issues is that they do not warn you about charging your account. I got no notice except from my bank informing me of the overdraft caused by this charge. That is a problem. I get so many junk emails from this company on a daily basis but they can't send me one that says I am getting charged tomorrow for a renewal.... Read more

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I register a month ago but i didnt sign up till last friday,sep12/2014.they lured u to signup so i try 3 months which i paid. Us$75.00.i got a wink and message from a member a minute ago and i trued to reply vack,the members profike is no longer available.i have proofs because i save the reply.i wonder if they do this to all members who patiently wsited and hoping to find the right person and be... Read more

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I never signed up for and there is a charge on my debit card please call me ASAP 9087203394 Add comment


Don't waste your money on MATCH.COM! They have the WORST customer service ever! They will TAKE YOUR MONEY and NEVER let you SPEAK TO A PERSON about account problems/issues expecting you to communicate via EMAIL which is nothing but a BS FORM letter, therefore you have no EXACT idea what any issue may be! ... Also, I have reported many times about people HARASSING me and they DO NOTHING! I have... Read more

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On 5-17-14, I was on my cell phone subscribing to Match, and I accidentally clicked on 6 month subscription instead of 1 month. I immediately called them and explained what had happened. The person I spoke with told me that would refund me for the overpayment. Well, I paid $119.94 for a 6 month subscription (mistakenly) when I meant to pay $19.95 for a one month subscription. They refunded me... Read more

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i made my initial complaint dec. 2013 so this an updated version. They are still sending me 24 "matches" to my inbox every day and, not surprisingly, NONE of these "matches" look ANYTHING like someone i would date!! they want you to post pics and your life story online for millions to see and i am just not comfortable with that!!! and the sad thing is i am an attractive woman!!! but the pics of... Read more

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This site sucks MAJOR A**!!! They are always saying the number one in dates, marriages, and whatever else! I hate this site. I was a member for like 2 years (sadly) and not ONE flipping date!!! If they would hire someone who is not from a different country to work the phone, I would still hate it but I wouldn't be as pissed now. If you are looking for 'love' DON'T get fooled by their dumb a**... Read more

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so far so BAD!!!! pretty much every 'match' they have sent to me has been NOTHING close to what I prefer!! you are expected to wink and email and wink and email and..... whatever else until the cows come home!! who has time for that when they work a full-time job?? and I was REALLY too through when I communicated with someone who has a 'Long Hair Fetish'!! it's been a bust so far and I will NOT... Read more

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The site scams you into signing up for a "free trial". But you can't really do anything and evaluate the site or how it might be a fit. Once you realize that and ask to cancel, they refuse any refund, and offer you 3 free days of full use. If you stick to your guns and refuse, and just ask for the refund you won't get it. If you cancel they will permit you to "reactivate" your account during... Read more

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The site is highly deceptive in stating you must signup for a membership in order to send and receive emails. It's deception continues by luring individuals into 6 month memberships because of the low overall cost. Furthermore, it mentions throughout the checkout process that it allows refunds. What the website fails miserably to state in a "clear and fair manner" is that if only 1 email is... Read more

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