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I bought a 6 month membership and paid $129.00. While completing the registration I got a message that Match had blocked my account. It said I would get an email explaining. No email.i contacted them and they said they would look into it. They told me that a department had placed the block and the would escalate it. I had to contact the again and I received a terse reply that I was banned for violating the service agreement. Remember I hadn't... Read more

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I cancelled my subscription months ago and I was hit with auto-renew through paypal. Match acknowledged the I cancelled my subscription but since paypal and match seem to not be linked wasn't turned off with paypal. long story short I was bill through paypal for 137 bucks. they will only courtesy refund 85 of the 137 on something that shouldn't of been billed anyway. will not budge. I am being totally taken advantage of just because paypal... Read more

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I joined for the minimum 3-month sign up. Match sent me "matches" for a few days and then totally stopped sending me anything via email. Online, they "matched" me with guys living FAR away from my city or state. I checked to see if I could get a refund. Turns out they only consider your complaint valid if you signed up for a 6-month period and then they will not refund cash but only give you another 6 months at no charge. There is... Read more

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I haven't been using for long (several weeks), but so far it has been useless. I'm a white man over 50, and considering the work it takes, the results have been terrible (NO matches and two email responses to say "thanks, but no). I'm not what you'd consider a "handsome" man, but I'm okay looking, and certainly not ugly. I'm not a wealthy man, but I'm making a reasonable income for an artist & designer. I'm an avid cyclist, so I'm very... Read more

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They auto-renrwed me for 6 months even though I clicked "do not auto renew". I called the day of the charge. They refused to give me a refund d. I got run around from Chase Bank for unauthorized charge. It took nearly 20 days, but Chase, not Match agreed to give me my money back. Chase wasn't getting it from Match. The manager told me that auto renew was probably in the terms & conditions and a formal complaint would end with Match winning. So,... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 takes your money, and makes you think they have dates for you by sending a few pics of people interested in your profile. The bother you with it all day by sending you lies until you subscribe. I have been on the site for 3 weeks and haven't had a date. I called for a refund and someone from another country told me no refund. I asked to speak with retention and as soon as they come on the line, the phone goes dead. It must be nice... Read more

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Whatever you do, don't EVER give, or (they are all owned by the same company) your credit card, debit card or banking information. I had joined and kept my profile set to NOT automatically renew after my 6 month period. A few weeks before my membership expired I started getting I started getting these pop ups about renewing now at a 25% discount our I would have to pay full price when I did renew. BIG SURPRISE!! I... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 customer service is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The information given is wrong about your cancelation then the customer service specialists are rude, disrespectful, and refuse to allow you to speak to supervisors to file complaints. They are located in Manla and have a difficult time understanding and speaking English in addition to treating people horribly. I would never sign up for Match again and will tell... Read more

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  • Jul 24
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They keep charging me every couple of months without notice and haven't responded.

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Match is horrible. So many hacked and fraudulent profiles. One user informed me his profile was hacked I called to report this. They did not care. I called today to report fraudulent profile. They told me they would not charge the auto pay but would not refund any money. I have to pay for 3 months for nothing. The representative would net allow me to talk to a supervisor. Bad company. Looking to join class action lawsuit. Read more

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